Help for your keepsakes

How to Archive Family Keepsakes coverI just received a book I’d pre-ordered, How to Archive Family Keepsakes, by Denise May Levenick, of the blog Family Curator. The book is published by Family Tree Books.

I’m very excited to read it. I’m looking forward to learning not only how to deal with the (few) family keepsakes I own but also how to help clients who have inherited such items. As an organizer, I see a lot of inherited items–furniture, keepsakes, photographs and information. In cluttered homes, storing and caring for these items can become a real challenge.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to inherit family photos, memorabilia and genealogical information, this book might help you, too.

After I’ve read it, I’ll post a review. It looks absolutely terrific.


  1. Thanks for pre-ordering the book, and for your enthusiastic post, Janine. I hope you find my new book helpful in your business. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Thanks, Denise! I’ll absolutely let you know if I have any questions. I appreciate the offer!

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