My new Family History Organizer notebook on Springpad

sp_fam_hist_orgI’ve become a fan of Springpad, a personal organizer app for the web and mobile devices. I use it to manage tasks and keep track of things like books I want to read and have read, movies, and wines. So far, I’m just scratching the surface of its functionality, but I really am loving it. I wrote on my Peace of Mind Organizing blog about how much I’m loving their Task Notebook.

To me, Springpad feels like Evernote meets Pinterest. I find it intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing.

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with Springpad to create a digital notebook that’s customized to help you organize your family history. Called the Family History Organizer, it has these features:

  • A simple to-do list to keep track of and plan next steps, including a quick +Add button for adding tasks and checklists
  • A research tracker, complete with template form, so you can log information and research progress quickly and easily
  • An easy “database” for uploading photos and files scanned to your computer or from your phone
  • Bonus: A resources section filled with my tips and helpful tools

I created the research tracker because I have a hard time sticking with a proper research log. The research tracker is light version of a research log, but I think the information it captures will be helpful. Just copy and paste the template headings into a new Note within the Research Tracker tab at the conclusion of each research session and you’ll have an easy, accessible record of that session.

I’ll update the resources section of the Family History Organizer when I come across great resources (or when I want to share a particularly useful blog post).

I hope you’ll check out this custom notebook. If you’re interested in information and tools about organizing in general (not just genealogy), I also have a notebook called The Habit Maker. This is all part of Springpad’s Operation Organization campaign in which they’ve partnered with a small group of organizing experts to create a dozen or so of these notebooks.

If you try out the Family History Organizer, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


  1. billy huffman says:

    When i tried add the notebook and it says it does not exsist

    • Hmmm. You have to have a Springpad account in order to download the notebook. When I tried it without being logged in, it asked me for an email and password to create an account. Was that your experience? Then when I logged in, I was able to download the notebook. If you do have a Springpad account, Billy, and it’s not working for you, please email me at, and I’ll see what I can find out for you.

  2. I love Springpad. Springpad+ Bitrix24 = best free productivity combo on Earth

  3. Jayne Ward says:

    Have you found anything to replace springpad since it shut down in June of 2014 or are you still able to use it? I think I was able to access a modified basic version but could not access family history organizer.
    If you are not using that, have you found another that you are happy with?

    • Jayne, I’m using Evernote as a replacement for Springpad. If you send me an email (, I can send you the template for the family history research log that was part of my Springpad family history organizer notebook.

    • Just found your site. It is wonderful. I was a Springpad user also & LOVED it!! I haven’t found anything yet to replace it — it was SO wonderful.

      I wish they had asked people to pay before closing down. I’m sure many of us would have paid to keep it afloat.

      • Linda, I miss Springpad too! It really was great. Now, a year after they closed up shop, I’ve finally been able to use Evernote to replace Springpad. I use Things for task management (and it does a better job than Springpad did). Thanks for commenting.

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