Exploring Evernote for genealogy

Evernote logoI blogged awhile back that I wanted to start using research logs for my genealogy research. I have to admit, it’s been a bit of a failure. I found the Excel spreadsheet format I used constricting and then I didn’t remember to log my research. But I’m convinced it’s important and I want to refocus my efforts. This morning, I did a little Google searching to try to find suggestions for formats for research logs that might be more useful for me.

As part of that searching, I stumbled upon an article entitled Evernote: The Total Recall Research Log in the Winter 2011 issue of Forum, the Magazine of Federated Genealogical Societies. It’s all about on using Evernote, the cloud-based note management technology, to create and  maintain research logs.

I’m intrigued. I’ve used Evernote sporadically for a few years but have been wanting to learn more about it. As I’ve heard genealogy buffs extol its virtues for help with family history research, I’ve been meaning to explore it more. Today, I think I’ve finally activated that aspiration.

I downloaded the latest version of Evernote for the Mac. I updated the app on my iPhone. I entered my first note. I’ve read articles on the web. And if I feel I need a little extra help, I’ll download the Family Tree University on-demand video class, Using Evernote.

I think my interest in using research logs will dovetail nicely with my interest in using Evernote more for genealogy research. When I look at the Total Recall Research Log of Genealogical Research, which shows detailed research log entries in Evernote, I’m really drawn in.

Do you use Evernote to help you in your family history research? If so, how?


  1. Jerry Brown says:

    I have a good friend who has been a serious genealogist for years and a MAC user so I asked him what he used. I also asked if it was good for sources and notes (as I recall it is free):
    I use Reunion 10 for Mac. Yes to both sources and notes. Also excellent at import/export.
    I am a Windows 7 so I use Family Tree Maker 2012.
    Enjoy your comments

    • Hey, Jerry, thanks for asking your Mac-using friend what he uses. I use Reunion 10 for Mac too, and love it. It’s a great way to capture my data and build my tree. Evernote will help with capturing notes and web clippings. Sort of like an online notebook. I’m excited!

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