Free family fan chart

Family tree fan template
I love a family fan chart. With the software program I use on my Mac, Reunion, I can easily create one. (I love technology.) I think it’s a wonderful, pretty, easy-to-read way to see where I am in my family history research.

Martha Stewart, queen of crafts, offers a free family fan chart template for those who might like to make one on their own.(Me, I’ll let the computer do it.) If that sounds like fun to you, go on over to Martha’s website to download it!


  1. Paul Hase says:

    Can you help me find a computer program for generating fan charts? what do you use? 10 generation (or more!) charting would be great. I use and Family Tree Maker, so have a gedcom file. Thank you.

    • Paul, my genealogy software, Reunion for the Mac, will create fan charts. So that’s what I use. The current version (10) will create ten-generation charts. That’s as far back as my family tree goes; it’s possible that it goes back farther. I think Reunion is only available for the Mac, so this may not be helpful to you. If you do have a Mac, I’ve been quite happy with Reunion, though it’s the only program I’ve used so I have nothing to compare it to. I hope you find this helpful!

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