Google is your friend

Google logoI have a tendency to go straight to, or when I start to research a family member. But today, I went to Google and did a search the maiden name of one of my great grandmothers. Wow, I’m glad I did!

I found a link, on to a published family history of three lines of my family, one of which is headed by that great grandmother’s grandfather. The history was written in 1967 and it’s not heavily sourced. But it provide information that I had never heard before (like details of my great grandfather’s service in the Philippine Insurrection) and am itching to get to work verifying it.

Speaking of Google, I recently read an article in Discover Your Roots, a special magazine from Family Tree, called Your Guide to Google, by Allison Stacy. It offered ways to use Google, including search syntaxes, that I hadn’t been aware of. I consider myself quite a good Googler, but I’m anxious to learn new ways to use it in my family history research. I’ll report any Google a ha moments here!

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