What I’m watching: Finding Your Roots on PBS

findingyourrootsI’m not sure why I’ve never really watched PBS’ Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. before. I think I originally became aware of it when Who Do You Think You Are? was on NBC and didn’t see the need to be watching two of these shows.

Then Who Do You Think You Are? moved to TLC (I don’t subscribe to cable) and I watched it online occasionally. Just this week, I realized that full episodes of the (perhaps slightly more erudite) PBS show are available to watch on PBS’s website.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy these shows so much is that it gets me really excited about doing my own research and making my own discoveries. Watching an episode can be a real motivator to doing research, especially right now when I’m so busy with clients I don’t have much time at my desk.

(One could argue that my desk time is better spent doing research than watching Finding Your Roots, but sometimes my energy level is more suited to passive endeavors.)

It appears that the new season of Who Do You Think You Are? premieres July 23. Assuming I can watch it online, it looks like I’ll have plenty of televised genealogy research to keep me entertained this summer!



  1. Yikes, I am not missing the new season am I? I swear I saw that the new season would start in the fall; please tell me you are watching videos of the previous season(s).

    • Tracy, sorry to scare you! I didn’t even look at the dates before I started watching (and before I wrote this post). Indeed these are previously aired. It looks like the original air date of the shows being offered now was in 2012. The About page says the season airs March 25 to May 20. I hope you caught the 2014 season!

  2. I like both shows. They are different but both get me excited about my hobby!

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