New Hack Genealogy Boot Camp: Get Your Genealogy Groove Back

Get your genealogy groove backI just signed up for the Get Your Genealogy Groove Back Boot Camp from Hack Genealogy. It will be held on Saturday, January 25 from 10 am to 1:30 pm central time. (Recordings are available to registrants who can’t attend live or wish to watch it again.)

This boot camp series is organized by Hack Genealogy, the blog run by Thomas MacEntee, founder of Geneabloggers. This particular boot camp consists of two webinars that are right up my alley:

  • Genealogy Goals: How to Set Them, How to Keep them, presented by Lisa A. Alzo
  • Managing the Genealogy Data Monster, by Thomas MacEntee

I’m really looking forward to hearing what these experts have to say!

The boot camps are very reasonably priced. I paid only $9.95 to register. That includes a $3 discount for ordering before January 20.

There are so many learning opportunities in the world of genealogy. I was attracted to this one because of the expertise of the presenters, the fact that it’s live (sometimes recordings just languish on my hard drive), and the very reasonable tuition. Can’t wait!


  1. Online is it? I might have to do it. Getting for Christmas from my man has been wonderful and terrible.

    • Yes, Julie, the boot camp is online. Sorry I didn’t make that clear! I’m glad you’re enjoying; it’s a bit addictive, isn’t it?

      • Yep – addictive is the word – it happens to me every winter. I’ve been loving it.
        I don’t know how to delineate my lines –
        Binney – married Kiistner
        Binney – Snow, Strait, Sears
        Binney – married Adams – Ashby – Baker
        Baxter (husbands family) – Miller-Baker

        How do I link them all to me and yet keep them separate?
        A little help??

        Also where do you fit in? Whose line are you?

        love your blog

        • Hi, Julie:

          I’m sorry I can’t answer that definitively, because I don’t use Ancestry’s family trees, particularly. But I would think you’d do it just like any family tree. Start on your name and move up. Or if you have kids, perhaps start with one of your children (keeping privacy issues in mind for living people) and work up, so both you and your husband are included. I don’t see the need to separate them, because you can always click on the person you’re interested in and then go up or down from there. But perhaps I’m not understanding your question correctly.

          For what it’s worth, the way I delineate my lines is by my four grandparents’ surnames. I’ve decided to focus on one per quarter this year. (I wrote about that here:

          As to where I fit in, I’m in your Adams line. Your great grandfather. George Washington Adams, is my great great grandfather, making us second cousins, once removed.

  2. LOL – you’ll laugh too I think.
    How wonderfully simple that way you do it – the 4 grandparents lines!
    I have a mix – and go however the “hints” and info turns up. I guess I’ll have to get more organized and disciplined for sure. Just curious – how do you “save” the info you might accidentally find as you do your research if it’s not related to the particular line you’re working on? I’m kinda functioning like a English Springer Spaniel – my nose dictating where I go. UGH.
    2ndly – my great grandfather George had 7 sons – which one are you from? David? Did I read something in a previous post about David?
    Well, it’s 4 a.m and here I am chasing down our relatives – our Saturday is planned so my last thought last night was I need to get up early…… whoa!
    Have a great weekend

    • I love your dedication, doing research at 4 am!

      My great grandfather is Elmer, George’s son. His son, David, is my grandfather.

      Your question about what I do with the clues is a good one. And I don’t really have an answer to it. I think I don’t do anything with them…I guess I ignore them and probably forget them and then end up chasing them again, which isn’t good. I could definitely imagine (now that you’ve it brought my attention to it) putting in my Research Tracker in my Springpad notebook. Maybe I should add a header, like Red Herrings or Clues that Didn’t Pan Out.

      Thanks for getting me thinking about this, Julie!

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